Travelling? Check out this supplemental benefit option.

Nov 03, 2023

Supplemental trip cancellation and trip interruption plan for extra coverage

The RTOERO travel plan provided with the Entente extended health care plan includes coverage for up to $6,000 per insured, per trip for eligible expenses when you cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip due to one of the covered reasons.

You can now supplement your existing coverage when your trip value exceeds $6,000 per insured as follows:.

  • Purchase the supplemental trip cancellation and trip interruption plan for a specific trip to get coverage of up to $12,000 per insured for that specific trip.
  • Choose single, couple or family coverage.
  • Read the Entente Insurance Program booklet for full details, as coverage is subject to the same terms and conditions as the Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance Plan Certificate of Insurance of the RTOERO travel plan of your booklet – ca/resources/communique-insurance-plan-updates.

Supplemental travel plan for extra days

The extended health care plan provides coverage for up to 93 days per insured person, per trip. If you’re travelling for longer than 93 days outside your province or territory of residence, you can easily add coverage for extra days.

  • Customizable based on your needs – add five more days of coverage to extend trips up to 98 days, or extend your coverage in 15-day blocks.
  • Staying longer? Extend coverage while you’re already on vacation.
  • Coming home early? Downgrade if needed, and you’ll receive a partial refund.
  • Premiums are added to your regular monthly payment and deducted in equal monthly installments.

Learn more

  • For full details, including the premiums and application form, go to ca/insurance/supplemental-travel.
  • Purchase the coverage or get your questions answered by a licensed Johnson Insurance representative by calling 1-877-406-9007.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage for RTOERO members who are not in the extended health care plan is also available. To learn more, go to


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